Ukrinmash refutes the allegation as to transfer of arms and provision of any material-technical aid to South Sudan, including equipment, its maintenance and training.

We may confirm that specified Contracts in no way were realized (namely, №5/61-К from 22.10.2014, and IGG/Ukrinmash/2014/1399/5/47), and no movements of goods and services were performed.

Ukraine and all Ukrainian state companies adhere to all international norms and rules, including Arms Trade Treaty (Wassenaar Arrangement).

Despite that the UN Security Council have not imposed an absolute embargo on arms trade with the South Sudan, Ukraine and Ukrinmash fully adhere to the declared policy of securing regional and international security and stability.

We would like to bring into focus that starting from the changes happened in Ukraine after the Revolution of Dignity, our Company pay a crucial attention to compliance with the requirements of International and Ukrainian law that is support further the reputation of reliable and predictable partner in Ukraine and overseas as well.