Ukrinmash - 25 years on the arms market 

The State Self-Supporting Foreign Trade and Investment Firm "Ukrinmash" is a Subsidiary of the State Company "Ukrspecexport". It has been acting on the international market since 1991.
The activity of the firm is aimed at implementation of interests of the state in the field of military-technical cooperation with foreign partners on the basis of compliance with rules of international law, provision of efficiency of export potential of the military- industrial complex of the Ukraine.
The experience gained permitted to develop a scheme of interaction both on the foreign and domestic market. It contributes to conclusion and execution of contracts with partners at a high level and within the shortest periods.

"Ukrinmash" today is:

  • export/import of weapon, ammunition, military equipment and special completing parts for their manufacture, explosives, special steels, technologies, machinery, as well as other types of products that can be used in the course of creation of weapon and military equipment; rendering services:

-          in conduct of repair and maintenance of weapon and military equipment;
-          in modernizations of weapon and military equipment for foreign partners;
-          in training of foreign military personnel;
-          in designing and construction of special factories, development of project documents;

  • sales in the domestic market of military and special property discarded as a result of reduction in the Armed Forces of the Ukraine and other military formations;
  • investment (both by using in-house funds and by attraction of foreign capital) of processes of development, modernization of weapon specimens and systems;
  • rendering services in the field of information and rocket & space technologies, in particular, creation of new earth sensing systems and use of existing ones, defense and dual-use space communication and navigation systems;
  • marketing, advertising and intermediary services;
  • sales of realty;
  • transactions with ferrous and nonferrous metals, metal scrap, including amour scrap.

We believe that capabilities of the military- industrial complex and export potential of our country permits to keep on expanding the nomenclature of products to be delivered, while involving of new foreign partners in cooperation.