To avoid dissemination of wrong information in the media landscape, journalists will be requested to keep to their professional standards and to be vigilant. We draw your attention to the fact that in many publications that have recently been broadcasted in mass media the point of the issue is not the SE SSFTIF «Ukrinmash», which is a part of the State Concern  «Ukroboronprom», but the «Ukrinmash» Corporation, which according to the USREOU – Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine constitutes a multi-profile trade-manufacturing enterprise with collective form of property at the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine.  (USREOU code - 22916863). 

A sensitive issue is to use the correct name of the enterprise and a type of property of the latter in official statements and comments of officials, law enforcement authority representatives and journalists who influence the public. We stress, that ignoring such details can do harm to the reputation to a state company in domestic and international market as well as  to the reputation of the whole country, the more so because the country itself is in condition of military aggression.

We insist in stating that the SE SSFTIF  «Ukrinmash» has nothing in common with the above mentioned case and asks the national media to check thoroughly information before it is published.

And last but not least, we lay emphasis upon the difference between the state firm  (state enterprise, firm, etc…) and  «corporation».

Your understanding and corrections made in the articles already published will be highly appreciated.