SE SSFTIF  «Ukrinmash» supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Peru is taking active steps to counteract information threats and dishonest competition originating from Russia which damage the State interests of Ukraine as well as the image of the latter in the armament market of Latin America. 

The reason of that was a latest in series attempt of Russian companies to impede the work of «Ukrinmash» in the Republic of Peru by means of disseminating untrue and biased information in local mass media on activities of the Firm «Ukrinmash» in the world market of goods and services of military and dual use. Such methods constitute themselves as cheap stunt and sore to loose provocations. It is obvious that fears make competitors to use anything. 

In particular, 20 November 2017 in order to bring into discredit the activities of SE SSFTIF “Ukrinmash" the Peruvian periodical «La República» published an article which contained untrue information concerning activities of the Enterprise in international markets.          

In this respect, 30 November 2017 the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Peru had a number of meetings, including these with representatives of «La República». Necessary documents denying all untrue information published by the periodical have been submitted.

The first result of the works done, was publication in the «La República» of the statement of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Peru. The statement contains substantial grounds for denying the said information. 

The global and Ukrainian media are requested to thoroughly check the sources of the information and to directly address the SE SSFTIF «Ukrinmash» to have comments if needed.

We are very grateful to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine for their professionalism.