On November 12-16, the SE SSFTIF "Ukrinmash", as a part of the Ukrainian delegation, presented An-70 military transport aircraft at the Dubai Airshow 2017, on the basis of which it is planned to create an upgraded version of the An-77 medium-range military short take-off and landing aircraft.

Representatives of the Middle East country had already taken their interest in this aircraft, when they viewed the An-70 in Kiev, and invited to show it at the Dubai Airshow 2017.

Companies from the United Arab Emirates and other countries of the Middle East declared their readiness to take part in the upgrade of the aircraft. First of all, it is planned to extend the unique characteristics of the aircraft due to advanced digital systems.

Taking into consideration that the An-70 was adopted into the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 2015, the upgrade of this aircraft is one of the most important tasks which implementation will significantly increase the mobility and combat capability of Ukrainian defenders, promote the development of the aircraft industry of Ukraine, as well as expand the export potential of the state.