The State Concern "Ukroboronprom" and the SE SSFTIF «Ukrinmash»   have demonstrated the samples of products of Ukrainian Military industry to Danish Parliament Deputy, the Head of the Defence Committee of Denmark, Mr. Rasmus Jarlov.

At facilities of  the "Artem" factory, SE SSFTIF « Ukrinmash» presented a number of products and among other, the М-10 «Оko 2» mobile UAV system, М-56 «Моdul» mobile UAV system, twin-engine UAV М-7В5 «Sky patrol», МP-1 "Spectator", "Komandor" UAV system,   "Khymera-N" UAV system,   "Кatana" UAV,   "Dragonfly 1603", were of particular interest to our Western colleagues.

So far, 70% participating enterprises of "Ukroboronprom" have already been certified under ISO 9001. In addition to that, the AQAP 2000 quality and management systems being implemented. Forty enterprises of «Ukroboronprom" have received access to NATO Master Catalogue of References for Logistics. This tool has enabled Ukrainian enterprises to enter the international market of armament and to implement the import substitution program by means of replacing Russian suppliers by European ones.