Comment from State Firm “Ukrinmash” regarding cooperation with a lobbying company Yorktown Solutions (USA) to represent “Ukrinmash” interests in the USA

The United States is a key center of geopolitical influence and a perspective market for defense technologies. This country is a strategic partner for Ukraine in the area of military-technical cooperation. We rely on military and technological support from the United States.

Moreover, Ukraine has started receiving an extremely important assistance from this country. Command of the Ukrainian Navy has almost finalized the contract for receiving two patrol boats “Island” from the USA.

On 2 March 2018 US State Department approved sale of 210 anti-missile complexes Javelin and 37 launchers for them to Ukraine. The total value of this contract is estimated about USD 47 m. The USA government is about to make other important decisions, which would help Ukraine to become stronger and to speed up the process of liberation of temporarily occupied and annexed territories.

These decisions require civilized lobbying. This is a common international practice. We need to convince the world that Ukraine is a trustworthy country. Initiative, undertaken by State Firm “Ukrinmash”, has been aimed at informing business and political elites of the United States about strategic interests of Ukraine. We have to communicate with partners using acceptable for them, transparent and effective mechanisms.

Yes, we have to pay for the protection of national interests. But the cost is incomparable with the opportunities that are opening up. Just to remind, that the United States have allocated 620 m USD in the budget to provide assistance to Ukraine, including possible transfer of lethal weapons.