SE "Ukrinmash" has denied the false information and is not related with Corporation «Ukrinmash»

The State Self-Supporting Foreign Trade and Investment Firm «Ukrinmash» informs that it it is not related with Corporation «Ukrinmash» which is involved in the case of detection of 196 military units Zhytomyr Region.

We stress, that disclosure of false or non-accurate information regarding activities of SE "Ukrinmash" can have a negative impact on public image of the Firm and the State and result in losses to national economy, State Concern "Ukroboronprom" and to the interests of SF "Ukrinmash".

This is to remind that, SF "Ukrinmash" – the State Firm dealing with export and import of military and dual purpose goods and services  works solely in the interests of Ukraine.

Currently Ukraine and SF "Ukrinmash" are faces the information attacks from the foreign aggressor which is unfortunately supported by nonprofessional actions of domestic media.  

Therefore, we ask Ukrainian mass media to keep to journalistic and business ethics, to carefully check sources of information and to address directly to SF "Ukrinmash" for comments, if needed.