SE “Ukrinmash” presents leading developments of the national Defense Industry Complex in the field of unmanned systems at the International Exhibition UMEX-2018, which takes place on February 25-27, 2018 in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

At the International Exhibition of UAV Systems in Abu Dhabi (UAE), SE “Ukrinmash”, jointly with its partner, the IGG (International Golden Group), demonstrates two models of attack, reconnaissance unmanned aircraft vehicles (produced by the Ukrainian scientific and production company Matrix-UAV) and tactical unmanned multifunctional vehicles "Phantom" 6x6 and "Phantom-2" 8x8.

Multi-rotor Chimera-H and Comandor are unique unmanned aircraft vehicles capable of carrying missiles, bombs and used for reconnaissance and combat missions. The special features of these devices are gasoline engines, flight time of up to 2 hours and the possibility to deliver load weighing up to 30 kg.

"Phantom" 6x6 and "Phantom-2" 8x8 represent a combat wheeled universal modular platform, with the possibility to mount various types of weapons (machine gun, grenade launcher, ATM, etc.) and additional modules. They are designed for missions such as intelligence, fire-extinguishing support, operational assistance and rescue works, maintenance and energy source, ammunition supply, execution of reconnaissance and combat missions.

It is worthy to note that the above-mentioned equipment has already attracted the considerable interest from the participants and guests of the exhibition.