On 18th June 2018 in Rio de Janeiro, another stage of the tender process was over. The tender concerns construction of 4  “Tamandaré” class corvettes for Brazilian Navy.

In particular, the Directorate of the Naval Program Management (Diretoria de Gestão de Programas da Marinha, DGePM) of Brazilian Navy together with the State Enterprise  of the Navy Project Management EMGEPRON (Empresa Gerencial de Projetos Navais) have announced on the end of the bidding process for the companies which were accredited to participate.

After the preliminary documentary analysis made by the Directorate of the Naval Program Management 9 commercial proposals have been accepted and registered. These, will be further evaluated in terms of their technical, legal, fiscal and budget  conformity to the tender requirements as well as to other ones.

In the whole the proposals have been received from the following bidders which form the consortiums or groups:

- “ÁGUAS AZUIS” - ATECH Negócios em Tecnologias S.A, Еmbraer SA and ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems GmbH, with the following contractors: Aeroespacial e Defesa S.A, Фонд EZUTE, OCEANA Shipyard SA, Omnisys Engenharia Ltda, SKM Electro Electronics Ltd and WEG Electrical Equipment SA;
- “FLV” - FICANTIERI S.p.A, LEONARDO S.p.A and VARD PROMAR S.A., with the following subcontractors: Fund EZUTE and ARES Aeroespacial e Defesa S.A.;
- BAE Systems, CONSUB Defense Technology S.A. and MAC LAREN Oil Shipyard Ltda;
- State Enterprise UKRINMASH, THALES and AMRJ (Navy Brazilia Arsenal – Ship repairing plant in Rio de Janeiro);
- “DAMEN SAAB Tamandaré” - DAMEN Schelde Naval Shipbuilding B.V і SAAB AB, with the following contractors: CONSUB Defesa e Tecnologia S.A, WEG equipamentos elétricos S.A (electric equipment) and WILSON SONS Shipyard Ltda;
- GOA Shipyard Limited, INDÚSTRIA NAVAL DO CEARÁ (INACE), Fund EZUTE and SKM Eletro Eletrônica Ltda;
- GRSE - Garden Research Shipbuilder Engineers, ELBIT Systems Ltd and SINERGY Group Corporate;
- STM, BRASFELS Shipyard Ltd., Fund EZUTE, THALES and Omnisys Engenharia Ltda.

According to the schedule, confirmed by the Command of Brazilian Navy the following stages of the tender process are expected:
Announcement of the “Short list”  – 27.08.2018 .
Announcement of the best technical and commercial offer – 29.10.2018 .